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Dear Madame or Sir,

The OPTIMELT project implementation at furnace L1 continues smoothly.

Our most important commitment with the society is reflected in the phrase “Safety first”. This is why the Libbey-Praxair team developed a complete program to train furnace operators to safely run the OPTIMELT system at the Leerdam site. Operators, who currently work with an oxy-fuel furnace, need to be trained about OPTIMELT characteristics. The Development of the training program has been completed and sessions to train operators have already begun.

Marco van Valburg, Technical Director Libbey EMEA.

The LIFE flag was raised at the site demonstrating the Libbey-Praxair commitment to the EU grant. LIFE is a great tool to facilitate the implementation of disruptive technology in the industry, contributing to the achievement of CO2 and NOX emissions reduction targets for 2020.


As part of the complete project it will be necessary to install one Onsite Oxygen production (VPSA) system capable of providing the necessary amount and quality of Oxygen facilitating the most efficient and clean combustion in the furnace. The transformer, which is part of the new system, is in place.

While the old furnace is being dismantled, the L1 steel structure, that will support the new furnace, is being built.

L1 placement will occupy the same area as the old furnace but the area will be expanded due to a bigger L1 surface.

VPSA unit getting installed

L1 steel structure

Old furnace previously to demolition

Best regards.
Joaquín de Diego Rincón
Combustion Market Applications
European Marketing Manager


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