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Dear Madame or Sir,

“OPTIMELTTM, to boldly go where no glassmaker has gone before”.

This is Frank´s slogan for this project. Libbey continuously needs to improve their process to lower production Costs. OPTIMELT technology provides an innovative process to manufacture glass using less energy, emitting less CO2 and NOx, lowering operational costs and helping to address the challenges Europe is facing.

PraxairFrank Schuurmans, Batch and furnace engineer EMEA

The L1 furnace has been designed to use Oxy-fuel combustion technology in any case. The furnace can run under OPTIMELT or under classical Oxy-Fuel. By designing the L1 furnace this way ensures that there is no loss of production. In both cases correct Oxygen quantity and quality will be provided on-site Oxygen installation.

PraxairOn-site Oxygen plant in place

Once the steel structure was in place the project team began to install refractory blocks according to furnace design.

L1 refractory election was made based on previous experiences, considering data from OPTIMELT beta test system running since 2014 at PAVISA provided enough data to select the most adequate refractory type.

L1 furnace with OPTIMELT system
at the left of the image

L1 steel structure supporting
refractory blocks

Refractory waiting to be installed

Best regards.
Joaquín de Diego Rincón
Combustion Market Applications
European Marketing Manager


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