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Praxair Edward Rijsdijk Head Electrial Engineering

Praxair Training session in action!

Dear Madame or Sir,

“OPTIMELTTM, to boldly go where no glassmaker has gone before”.
Together with his team, Edward has built the new furnace control system and related cabinets. He is constantly developing furnace information to provide to the furnace operators.

The OPTIMELT project at Libbey Leerdam will enhance glass manufacturing knowledge frontiers. Besides the immediate benefits on fuel efficiency and emission reductions, the project will also benefit the employees at the Libbey Leerdam plant. They will be trained to operate this state of the art system to become one of the most efficient glass plants in the world, and therefore improving their long term employment opportunities. At the same time, LIFE OPTIMELT project investments will directly boost the regional economy for several years during the project execution.

Libbey and Praxair experts have jointly developed a training program for its operators, daily specialist, engineers and maintenance personnel. In total about 110 Libbey team members will attend theoretical training sessions and practical modules.

This is a key process to ensure a safe and smooth project startup, while maintaining project execution on time.

The L1 furnace is ready for production under the Oxy-fuel mode while the construction team continues with the implementation of the OPTIMELT system in the same area occupied by conventional regenerators. The OPTIMELT footprint requires 1/3 of conventional regenerators, which allows the rest of the available space to be used by a new, bigger and improved furnace.

The election of the checkers and the refractory for Praxair’s OPTIMELT was made based on extensive testing. More than three years of experience and 130+ different refractory materials tested provided enough data to select the best refractory and checkers types.

Recirculation Flue Gas System in detail

L1 under Oxy-fuel mode. General PLC view

On-site Oxygen production plant

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