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The core of the L1 team members pose for a group photo for this newsletter with the first ever glass produced by the new furnace.

Frank, Hans, Edward and Marco. Core L1 team members.

The L1 furnace at Libbey – Royal Leerdam (NL) employs several new technologies in addition to the OPTIMELT system.

Right L1 side showing OPTIFIRE JL-Oxy-NG burners
One of the most important challenges the Libbey-Praxair team has been currently faced with is the reduction of the NOx emissions by 25-35%. To make this possible, the project team members have at present decided to use the best-in-class burners.

OPTIFIRE™ JL burner is an ultra-low NOx, non-water-cooled oxy-fuel burner that has been successfully implemented in numerous glass melting furnaces. The OPTIFIRE JL burner system is a staged combustion burner which promotes combustion based on Praxair`s Dilute Oxygen Combustion (DOC) technology that injects fuel and primary oxygen through one port and the majority of oxygen as secondary oxygen through a separate port. The reactants mix with the hot furnace gases before reacting with each other. This dilution prevents the high peak temperatures that are responsible for thermal NOx generation.

The rich primary zone stoichiometry produces a low momentum high luminosity flame for high heat transfer efficiency and the separate secondary oxygen injection produces a long flame with a higher oxygen concentration and a lower water vapor concentration near the glass-melt surface. The NOx emissions from the DOC-JL burner are less than half of that of conventional oxy-fuel burners.

Burner evaluation conducted by a third party shows that Praxair’s OPTIFIRE-JL burner produced the lowest NOx emissions.

Right L1 side showing OPTIFIRE JL-Oxy-NG burners

OPTIFIRE JL burner basic concept. Low flame temperature
at reaction zone

Schematic of a typical OPTIFIRE JL burner

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Combustion Market Applications
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